NEW SEASON: Spiritual Disciplines is here
NEW SEASON: Spiritual Disciplines is here
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Holiness > Happiness.
It what we’re diving into in our next volume of Sow + Dew
If you’ve been a bud for long you know that in past issues of Sow + Dew we have dug into facing shame, declaring God worthy of our actionable trust, creating a lifestyle that moves with the Lord, and reframing calling from the viewpoint of the cross. This next issue is titled HOLY. In it, we are diving into joyful and bold obedience. We’re seeking out deeper understanding of God’s holiness and His gift / invitation to us to be made holy and set a part.

We are hungry for a discussion about this topic that doesn’t just point to the law, but is enlightened by the gospel. We want to enter into the hard, taboo and often looked-over places of obedience and find freedom with you in these truth-soaked pages.

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Including Articles By:
Cait Zick
Sara Gilmore
Ryn Tomlinson
Sue Boldt
Taylor Dove
Kelly Halsch

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