NEW SEASON: Spiritual Disciplines is here
NEW SEASON: Spiritual Disciplines is here
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In our first two volumes we challenged our readers to BEGIN combating shame with truth and to declare Him WORTHY of our obedience and trust. Our heart for our third edition of Sow + Dew is to connect truth to action and MOVE. We believe that when we are rooted in our God-Given identity and are trusting in His will above our own, our lives will inherently show a movement of God. How do we move with God, though? That's what we'll be digging in to in MOVE.  

What's Inside? Soul Scrubbing Words from authors you'll fall in love with. Worksheets paired with each Article giving you practical tools to move with God. Community building recipes and crafts. SO SO MUCH MORE.

With Articles By:
Hannah Brencher
Jenessa Wait
Ash Parsons
Bailey T. Hurley
Katelyn Durst
Maneesha Grace
Jessica Holder

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