NEW SEASON: Spiritual Disciplines is here
NEW SEASON: Spiritual Disciplines is here
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Why does “calling” feel so complicated? It’s a topic that can leave us both rearing to go and completely stressed out, but! We are believing that God had something more in mind than a cool job or a fancy title when He called us to purpose-driven life. We are using these pages to call us up and out to live fearlessly in purpose, pursuing calling together. It’s time that calling stop being a trendy conversation and begin to be a persevering lifestyle.
To say we are pumped up about this topic, is an understatement. We have big dreams and hopes for how this volume will shape our understanding of God’s charter and prompt questions that we’ve been too scared to ask.  

What's Inside? Soul Scrubbing Words from authors you'll fall in love with. Worksheets paired with each article giving you practical tools to move with God. Community building recipes and crafts. SO SO MUCH MORE.

Featuring articles by:
The Archibald Project
Megan Duke
Kate Guiliano
Chelsi Gleason
Jane Claudio
Gennean Woodall
Autumn Will

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