What’s Next? | Disciplines: A Gift & A Mercy

We are hungry for a heavenly rhythm to our everyday. A lifestyle that hums with the presence of God and declares that we don’t just believe in God, but believe Him. That’s our heart cry for this next season in community with you— That we would go deeper into a lifestyle of joyful obedience because we take God at His word and believe who He says He is and who He says we are. That we would be overwhelmed with the revelation of His love and out of an overflow of that place we would be known for how we riot for His kingdom.

How do we practically do that though? With the gift of discipline.

Let’s pause here: When the conversation starts to lean in to talk about “disciplines” and “commandments” and “the law”, something in us is tempted to think, “Oh great, another way for God to show me I don’t measure up.” Eeeek

Hear this: That is NOT God’s heart for His people. While the law does show us our need for salvation, the good news is: He gives it to us freely and secures us in His sanctification*. In the power of His salvation, God makes us victorious and bridges the gap between our brokenness and His holiness, inviting us into what we were made for through His new life: Loving Him and being in relationship with Him. How? By keeping His commandments (John 14:15) and breathing life into our faith with His Spirit-inspired works (James 2:14-26).

To be candid, we know our Christian culture tip-toes around this topic because of debates around legalism, etc.. etc..  But! If we are unwilling to engage with the spiritual disciplines God gave us in His word, we miss out on the abundant life He won for us. He did not give them to us to limit us but to release us into real freedom in Him. A life lived for and through Jesus does not just happen and it encompasses so much more than church on Sunday morning and “quiet time”.

We’re on a mission to posture our hearts in lifestyle that welcomes encounter with God— That goes deeper than pretty words and challenges us to chew on meaty truth and be changed in obedience. So we’re embarking on a year (and some change) journey that will take us into a deep dive of God’s heart and explore ten spiritual disciplines. We’ll learn from sisters and teachers, we’ll create habits with new tools (coming soon), and we won’t be afraid to ask real, hard, questions as we incorporate these disciplines into our everyday. Want to find out how? Stay tuned!


*Sanctification: A fancy word for saying, becoming more like Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit.  

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