Cultivating the Presence of God: Meditation

We believe that this is the generation that will be known for not just talking with God but listening to God. If we are going to listen well, though, we must first create rhythms of meditation in our lives.

No, we’re not about to join hands and sing Kum-bai-yah or ask you to sit cross-legged and hum. But we are going to ask you to look at God’s word. ‘Cause over and over again the scripture points us to meditate on God’s truth and the things of heaven, and yet it seems that we as modern Christians have deemed this practice trivial and out of date. But that’s not what God says! God says:

Meditation helps us enjoy Him in all His persons (1 John 4:8)—intellectually, spiritually, aesthetically.

Meditation helps increase knowledge of sacred truth. It “takes the veil from the face of truth” (Prov. 4:2).

Meditation fosters repentance and reformation of life (Ps. 119:59; Ez. 36:31).

Meditation helps us benefit others with our spiritual fellowship and counsel (Ps. 66:16; 77:12; 145:7).

Meditation increases our affections for God and His truth (Ps. 39:3).

Meditation transfuses Scripture through the texture of the soul.

AND! Aside from what the Word tells us about the benefits of meditation, science backs up the power of meditation by showing an increase in heart health, tremendously lower levels of stress & anxiety, stronger immune systems, memory retention, a better quality of sleep, and ladies— even shorter and easier periods. Yep, we’re serious.

There’s great promise spoken over the practice of meditation and don’t be fooled—the Enemy wants nothing more than to convince our hearts it has no place on our modern every day because of that. Today, we have no context for meditation, and the familiarity we do have with it feels a little too new-agey, even when an app on our iPhone is helping to guide us through meditation.

We have to re-write the narrative we have been told to believe about meditation, though, because meditation is not “emptying our mind”, but allowing our minds to be filled with the things of God and His Spirit. Rather than sustaining us with “spiritual highs”, God invites us into consistent communion of peace and understanding.

Don’t get us wrong, meditation feels awkward in our hands. In our culture that glorifies busy-ness and noisy lives, quiet secret places with God don’t seem like they will “get us anywhere”. BUT. This is the very place God rewires our minds to reflect His own perspective. This is the place we adopt a heavenly perspective. This is the place we hear from God. This is a place God can heal. This is a place that we don’t just dwell in the presence of God for a pre-determined amount of time but centers the body, mind, and spirit on listening to God as a way of life, and in response glorifying God.

But how in the world do we get to that place? Meditation is foreign—we get it, and that’s why we are going to tackle this discipline from a very practical standpoint and break down the promises spoken over this discipline in terms even millennials will understand. Will you join us?

Next week on our podcast, Let’s Riot, we are de-mystifying this practice and getting real about just how you can (or maybe already are without knowing it!) practice it. Take this as your official invitation. You can click here to subscribe now and listen to past episodes!

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